By Rosalind Jana

Paperback £6.99

ISBN: 9780750287326

Published: 09 June 2016


Rosalind Jana: model, blogger, writer, feminist.

Rooted in her own experiences, Notes On Being Teenage is a warm, wise, witty book about growing up and into yourself, covering aspects of teenhood from mental health and bullying to style and blogging. 

Stories, advice and wisdom from teenagers are also included, along with interviews with inspirational people like Louise O'Neill (Asking For It), Juno Dawson (This Book Is Gay, Mind Your Head) and the founders of The Vagenda.

Rosalind Jana has written for The Telegraph, Sunday Times Style, The Debrief, Miss Vogue and Teen Tatler. She is a winner of the Vogue Talent Contest for Young Writers, finalist of the Hospital 100 Club and winner of the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry.

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Rosalind Jana

Rosalind Jana is a model and blogger, and has written for British Vogue, The Guardian, Oxfam and...