Everything you need to know on The Darkest Minds movie

Just in case you weren't aware, The Darkest Minds movie is on the horizon...

Perfect dark Winter evening reads

Feast upon these creepy/dark/thrilling/gorgeous books and fulfill your Winter vibe

Six of Crows official trailer!

Man, this is cool. Listen with the music turned UP.

WINNERS of the YA Oscars announced

Thank you to everyone who voted!

The time travelling fantasy world you need in your life

Get sucked into the world of the Chronoptika...

Best YA we read recently, yeah!

Team BWB shares our favourite YA of the past year

Best Fantasy Worlds to Lose Yourself In This Winter

We'd all love to escape from reality into our favorite fantasy worlds, wouldn't we? Everything just seems so much better if it comes from a world that isn't this one. To celebrate the release of the The Magic Thief we've chosen which fantasy worlds we'd want to fall in to, and never come out of again!

Our favourite urban legends

Um, so something REALLY weird happened when we were recording this video... 

Dark Book Looks!

We love to cosplay, but the costumes in the shops are all so cliche. Show your book love and dress up as a character fit for those dark nights drawing in...

Terrifyingly Awesome Edgar Allan Poe Retellings

Bethany Griffin returns with THE FALL – a gorgeously dark retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher.

Prepare to be terrified! #DarkSummerRead

Our #DarkSummerRead authors share the books that keep them up on those dark and spooky summer nights...

Six of Crows AMAZING prizes!

Let the glorious Leigh Bardugo tell you all about what's up for grabs...


Who wouldn't want a horror themed summer? Join in with #darksummerread and that's just what you'll get!

Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you...

BUT let us introduce you to The Ghost Host of 13 DAYS OF MIDNIGHT

Books With Bite authors at YALC!

Find out when our amazing authors are appearing at this year's Young Adult Literature Convention

The Witch Hunter Trailer *EEK*

GAWD - This trailer is goosebump inspiring...

Ruin and Rising book trailer


Top Ten Awesome Dragons

Everyone knows that animal you really want to have around is a dragon. Seriously guys, we all know it’s the truth. 

The badass characters of SUMMONER


Your next epic fantasy read is here. RIGHT HERE.

Want a taste before committing to SUMMONER? We has free things...

Game of Thrones season 5!


YA Book Prize 2015

The winner has been announced!

The winners of our 2nd Annual Books With Bite Oscars!

Votes have been counted and the results are in for the 2014 YA Oscars ...

Get to know The Originals...

A brief introduction to the fabulously formidable family Mikaelson or as you might know them: The Originals.

Gorgeous new covers for Catherine Fisher's Chronoptika Sequence

PLUS download a free sampler introduction to the world of the books

The Books With Bite YA Oscars are back!

Vote for your favourites and win awesome things

DEEP BLUE covershoot video (ROGUE WAVE is in shops on January 1st!)

Underwater cameramen, a pool and a fabulous girl in a fabulous dress.

Books With Bite's Christmas Advent Calendar

Giveaways! Ebook promos! Every day in December

Our pick of the best fairytale retellings

TV shows, movies and books doing awesome renditions of fairytale classics (yeah... Disney's in there)

If you love...

This month we're seeing which of your favourite TV-shows and films match up with our books.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6!

New Vampire Diaries hitting UK TV!

Announcement: The Originals comes to the UK!

In time for the season 2 premiere tonight, we are happy to say...

Books With Bite's dream school timetable

Sigh. If only this was a real place we could matriculate to.

Summoner: The Novice **Cover Reveal**

One boy's ability to summon demons will change the fate of an empire…

Kendall Kulper reveals all about The Witch of Salt & Storm

Read on for our no-stone-unturned mastermind grilling...

The Moment Collector animated cover

There's a ghost haunting 208 Water Street...

Queen of Teen ceremony report

Books With Bite reporter Naomi Greenwood was on the scene of the pinkest ceremony in the land...

Q&A with Ruth Warburton

What kind of cake would you be, Ruth?

We are going to YALC!

12-13 JULY - the UK's first ever Young Adult fiction convention! Are you coming?

Which mermaid are you?

Take the quiz and find out...

Best Books for Binge-reading

Just in time for the holidays, we share our favourite Paranormal & Fantasy binge-reads

Angels in YA

Love angels and want to read the best angel YA fiction? Casey Knows All.

Game of Thrones season 4 trailer!

Valar Morghulis. And especially in this TV series...

Benjamin of Tomes on the best books featuring witchcraft

Vlogger Benjamin talks about why he loves books about witchcraft, featuring The Secret Circle series by LJ Smith!

Books With Bite's YA Oscars!

The winners are announced!

We had a launch party! With wine!

So technically we launched back in November, but we wanted a party...

Faye's Top 5 YA ghost stories

Featuring our very own Anna Dressed in Blood!

Hello, Vampire Academy trailer

And if you don't know Richelle Mead's series of books this is based on, check 'em out...

Top Ten Buffy Episodes

Our ten favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes 

Gift recommends for paranormal and fantasy fans

Do they like Supernatural? Fairytale retellings? We have All The Recommends...

Top Ten Halloween Films

We’ve veered a teeny bit more towards dark and fun rather than gross/terrifying...


Books With Bite had a stand at this year's Leakycon to let everyone know about the launch of our shiny new site.

Vampire Diaries season 5 and The Originals season 1

TVD starts on ITV2 and The Originals premieres on SyFy this October...