THE DARKEST MINDS is the debut trilogy from Alexandra Bracken, the no.1 New York Times bestselling author with PASSENGER and WAYFARER.


Ruby is sixteen. She is dangerous. And she is alive. For now.

A mysterious disease has killed most of America's children. Ruby might have survived, but she and the others have emerged with something far worse than a virus: frightening abilities they cannot control. Pressured by the government, Ruby's parents sent her to Thurmond, a brutal state 'rehabilitation camp', where she has learned to fear and suppress her new power.

But what if mastering it is a whole generation's only chance for survival?



And HERE is who plays Ruby: none other than awesome talent Amandla Stenberg, who got her big break playing Rue in The Hunger Games. Check out the full the cast below! For more details on who they're playing, click on the images.