By Marcus Sedgwick

Paperback £7.99

ISBN: 9781444011258

Published: April 2017


Love. Power. Guns. Gambling. Lies. Money. Death.


'Sedgwick writes like a dream... one that you wake from drenched in sweat' The Times

'Pulls no punches, and will leave the reader reeling' The Guardian

'I think this is probably the most important book to be released this decade' Addicted to Media

'Beautifully written with a real sense of atmosphere, menace and tension' The Bookbag

'Perhaps the first great anti-capitalist YA novel of the 21st Century' Teen Librarian

'I can't fully explain how important it is, how horrifically hopeful and sad it is. Just writing this review and remembering the book has me on the verge of tears. I can only hope you read it' The Book Geek

'It's an important book and it made me consider issues that, up until this point, were easy for me to turn my back on... In Saint Death, we see Sedgwick at his most raw, his most honest and, unforgettably, his most brutal' Writing from the Tub


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